Class Schedule 2019-2020 season! 


Adorable and lovely on the stage, these darling classes will inspire and melt your heart while offering an awesome experience for your first dance class!

Toddlers in tutus are for ages 18 mos-2yrs.


Other classes are for 3-4 yrs


TUITION: $40/month

add a second class for 10% off!



Toddlers in Tutus 4:25p



Hippity Hop 4:00p

Ballet 4:35p

Hippity Hop 4:55p

Toddlers in Tutus 5:10p

Tumbling 5:30p

Ballet 5:45p



Ballet 4:00p

Hippity Hop 4:20p 

toddlers in Tutus 6:00p


Grades K-1

These kiddos are ready to move and groove into these awesome specialty classes.  Their ability to grasp a variety of new skills and their love for being on the stage is contagious!

TUITION: $40/month

add a second class for 10% off!



Ballet 4:30p

Hip Hop 4:45p



Hip hop 4:00p

Ballet 5:20p

Ballet 6:05p



Clogging 4:00p



Ballet 4:00p



Ballet II 4:30p*

Tumbling/Acro 4:50p*


* indicates 60 min class- $50/mo


Grades 2-4

Watch out world! The excitement builds in this age group as students develop and strengthen their talents as they challenge themselves in a fun way with these class options.

TUITION: $40/month

add a second class for 10% off!



Broadway Jazz 4:10p

Ballet 5:00p

Hip hop 5:35p



Ballet Level II 5:30p*

Jazz Level II 6:30p*



Cheer 4:30p

Clogging 4:35p

Cheer 5:40

Hip Hop 6:35p



Tumbling Level II 5:55*


*indicates 60 min class- $50/m


5th-9th grade



Broadway Jazz 4:10p

Hip Hop 5:20p*



Hip Hop 6:40p*



Cheer 4:35p*

Cheer Stunts 5:40p


*1 hr class - $55/mo


Performance company

Join our performance company!  No previous experience required!  


  • 2 hours per week!
  • 5 perfomances
  • multiple styles of dance
  • only $88!


Teens and adult Classes

Dance is for everyone!  We offer classes that change throughout the season for all ages.  Give us a call and we'll give you what's going on right now at the studio!


Interested in Competition and Performing Teams!  Give us a call to hear about our UNIQUE approach to creating amazing dancers who are well-balanced individuals!

Let's get dancing!

Music lessons 

Enter a subtitle

Most instruments allow for ages 5 and up!  Couple your music and dance classes for convenience.  No need to drive around town all week long!  


Scheduling is customized to fit your needs and is done 1 on 1.  Thus the schedule is what you need it to be (subject to availability).



Give us a call and we'll get you connected with some FANTASTIC music instructors!

Dance Class Fees 2019-2020 Season

Music Lesson Fees 2019–2020 Season

Dance Tuition Fees:*

  • 1 class/wk
  • 2 classes/wk
  • 3 classes/wk

*unless otherwise indicated


  • $40/month
  • +$36/month
  • +$36/month

Music Tuition Fees:

• 30 minute lessons


• 45 minute lessons


• 60 minute lessons


(paid monthly)

  • $20/ lesson


  • $30/ lesson


  • $40/ lesson

3 month commitment req'd on music lessons


Annual Membership Fee:

$35 per student

The membership fee is per student, not per class.

Annual Membership Fee:

$35 per student

The Membership fee is per student, not per class.


  • Academy classes 
  • Competition/   Performing Teams




  • $60.00


  • $75.00


** Taxes not included **



Fees vary based on instrument rental/purchase needs and class materials. Please contact us for more information.


**Competitive and Performing Teams tuition pricing- Contact the studio for more information

Required Dancewear

To maintain uniformity in our dance classes, all dancewear items must be approved by staff if not purchased from the studio.