Available Classes

  Monday Time
  Tiny Toes Tumbling/Hip Hop 12:00pm
  Toddlers in Tutus  4:00pm
  Tiny Toes Tumbling 6:40pm
  Tuesday Time
  Tiny Toes Ballet/Tap 12:00p
  Tiny Toes Ballet 4:00p
  Tiny Toes Tumbling 4:35pm
  Toddlers in Tutus  4:35pm
  Wednesday Time
  Tiny Toes Tap/Ballet 12:00pm
  Tiny Toes Ballet 5:40pm
  Tiny Toes Hip Hop 6:05pm
  Thursday Time
  Tiny Toes Hip Hop/Tumbling 12:00p
  Tiny Toes Hip Hop 5:35pm
  Toddlers in Tutus 6:25pm
  Friday Time
  Toddlers in Tutus 5:35pm

Toddlers in Tutus are for ages 18mos-2 years. Tiny Toes are for 3-5 yrs. 

Tuition for all classes are $45.

                                 AGES 5-7
  Monday Time
  Ballet 4:00p
  Tuesday Time
  Hip Hop 4:00pm
  Hip Hop  4:15pm
  Tumbling 5:50pm
  Wednesday Time
  Tumbling  6:10pm
  Friday Time
  Hip Hop 4:00pm
  Ballet  6:10pm

Dancers ages 8+  Participates in our leveled class program.  Level 1 is for 1st year dancers. 

Levels 2-4 require a placement assessment.

                                 AGES 8-12
  Monday Time
  Ballet level 1  5:30pm


  Hip Hop level 1 5:10pm
  Wednesday Time
  Ballet Level 1  5:05pm
  Ballet level 1 5:25pm
  Turns and Leaps level 1 6:30pm
  Friday Time
  Hip Hop level 1  4:30pm
  Tumbling level 1  4:30pm


Join our performance company!  No previous experience required!  

  • More time in class each week!
  • More performances each season!
  • Multiple styles of dance
  • More team Bonding!
  • Contact us for details about our performance company
Illuminate (4-6 y/olds) Glimmer (7-9 y/olds)
Sparkle (5-7 y/olds) Shine (10+ y/olds)
-------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
  Monday  Time
  Glimmer Ballet  4:00-5:00p
  Glimmer Choreo  5:00-6:00p
  Wednesday Time
  Sparkle Choreo 4:00-5:00p
  Illuminate  5:10-5:40p
  Shine Ballet  5:25-6:25p
  Shine Choreo  7:35-8:35p
  Sparkle Ballet 5:05-6:05pm
Team Level Interested in Competition and Performing Teams? Give us a call to hear about our UNIQUE approach to creating amazing dancers who are well-balanced individuals!
Brilliance Novice
Dynamite Novice
Spotlight Beginner
Intensity Intermediate
Inferno Advanced  
  Tuesday Time
  Adult Clogging 8:00p
  Thursday Time
  Adult Clogging Class 10:00a

Are adult classes are all 1 hr of fun and challenging content! We offer classes that change throughout the season for all ages.  Give us a call and we'll give you what's going on right now at the studio!


* = 45 min class

Fees 2022-2023 Season


Dance Tuition Fees:

  • 30 minutes weekly - $45/ month
  • 45 minutes weelkly - $50 / month
  • 60 minutes weekly - $60 / month

*discounts for more in class training


Annual Membership Fee:

$35 per student

(this membership fee is per student, not per class)


**Competitive and Performing Teams tuition pricing- Contact the studio for more information


Semi Private Music Tuition Fees (paid monthly):

effective August 1 2022

  • 30 min lessons            $20/ lesson
  • 60 min lessons            $40/ lesson
  • ONLY $5 more for private lessons!

(3 months req'd on music lessons)


Annual Membership Fee:

$35 per student

(this membership fee is per student, not per class)



(Fees vary based on instrument)


  • Rental/purchase needs dependent on instrument and class materials


Please contact us for more information

Required Dancewear

To maintain uniformity in our dance classes, all dancewear items must be approved by staff if not purchased from the studio.

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