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At Idaho Rhythm we offer many forms of dance lessons including; Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and even Tumbling.


Check out our classes for any age, starting from 18 months to adults.

Available Classes by Age Group

Toddlers & Tutus

Ages 18 months - age 2   


Most studios offer dance classes for children only over the age of 2, but essential learning and development take place even before then. This class is designed to offer an opportunity for your little one to thrive in an atmosphere of creative movement and dancing. Using props and other aides, instructors entertain and train. For our more timid dancers, parents are welcome to assist, but this is not required. 

Tiny Toes Ages 3-5  

Our Tiny Toes classes are a perfect way to start your journey in dance. The following classes are offered to our 3-4 year olds:

  • Ballet
  • Hippity Hop (Hip Hop)
  • Tumbling (basic gymnastic skills)

In each class Students focus on the basics, including body positions and terminology. Routines are taught in a fun way helping each child learn how to follow directions, develop self-awareness in dance, and understand rhythm. Several short routines are learned throughout the course and is geared to training your child into the next stage in their dancing experience. Our tumbling class focuses on flexibility and goes deeper in full range movement.  

All of these class are perfect for first-timers! 


Ages 5+   


Hip-Hop is a fast, high energy type of dance. We have modified our Hip-Hop to include challenging moves without resorting to immodest dress or behavior, regardless of a student's age. You need not be worried about the dance music, style, or costume your child will be seeing or wearing when they dance with Idaho Rhythm!


Ages 5+  


Ballet I

This class is suitable for beginners and will cover the fundamentals of Classical Ballet technique. It is a more formal setting giving students the discipline to mature as dancers. The importance of strength, flexibility, rhythm, musicality, and memorization will be stressed. Basics of performing will be introduced.

Ballet II -V (By audition/invitation only) 

Students will increase in overall in Ballet technique and vocabulary. 

Pre-Pointe/Pointe Classes (ages 9+)
Required to have 3+ years of Ballet training.  Please contact the studio for more information.

Power Tap/ Clogging

Ages 5+   


If you have a high energy child that loves to move and make some noise, this is a perfect class. In the same family as tap - clogging focuses on fast percussive footwork mixed with a lot of aerobic exercise. Featured on America's Got Talent, clogging is a great fit for dancers. Idaho Rhythm takes pride in offering all levels of the power-tap form, featuring national award-winning dancers. 


Ages 5+  


A fundamental key to a well-rounded dancer is flexibility, strength and sheer athleticism.  This class focuses on key areas that will enhance a students abilities on and off the dance floor.  From learning a proper cartwheel, to mastering arials, handsprings, and more, this Acro class is a great addition to your dance schedule. 

Competitive Dance & Clogging 

By Audition Only   


Join the valley's greatest competitive dance program filled with opportunities to perform and compete, challenging technique, and bonding experiences to last a lifetime. Our dancers LOVE what they do, and LOVE to share with others. Ready to take it to the next level? Try this! 

Teen & Adult 

Dance isn't just for little ones! We offer great recreational and performing opportunities for teens and adults. Our teen program is dynamic and fun. Our adult program is top-notch!


Performing is NEVER mandatory as an adult! We have great classes for the young at heart with our studio senior Clogging class of 65+! Our most seasoned dancer is over 80! Whether your goal is to learn something new, exercise in a fun way, or meet new people, we've got a class for you! Call the studio for more details!